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I have eleven years of experience working with individuals and couples who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

I am aware of the many cultural pressures GLBT persons face.

Here are just a few issues I’ve worked on with gay/lesbian/bi/transgender clients:

Coming out to yourself: accepting and embracing who you are
Your partner is out to family and friends, but you are not
 (and vice versa)
Coping with loss: moving forward after your relationship ends
One of you is less comfortable being out

You or the person you love is affected by a history of shame
Problems with sex that you can’t talk about with anyone else

Problems with cheating, or fears that it might happen

One of you feels bored or uninterested in the other
You’re having a hard time living together and worry you moved in too fast

You just can’t communicate anymore, and don’t know what to do

Gay Male Couples Therapy

You might have noticed that a few of these issues are common for all individuals and couples, of all orientations. But often these issues are experienced differently by gay couples. For example, anyone can bring to a relationship a history of shame: maybe they had an abusive parent, or for some other reason were taught to be ashamed of their body, or their sexuality.

But GLBT persons might be dealing with shame that has been culturally accepted, or even encouraged. Homophobia (I think) is slowly becoming less and less acceptable in our culture, but it still can have a painful impact, and lots of GLBT persons grew up in communities that approved of hateful anti-gay attitudes.

I help gay/lesbian/bi/transgender couples overcome the pain of their backgrounds and improve their relationship in the here and now.

Gay Lesbian Therapist Seattle

Do You Just Work with GLBT Clients on Couple Issues? What if I’m Single?

I work with many GLBT individuals who are trying to take the next step in their lives, whether it’s coming out to self, coming out to family, dealing with being single, looking for a new relationship, wanting more from their partner, changing careers, or dealing with grief and loss. Think of it this way: it’s all about relationships: how you relate to yourself, your family, your partner, potential partners, co-workers…I help you make the relationships in your life more satisfying and fulfilling.

What if I’m Gay or Lesbian and Still Not OK with It?

I’ve worked with many gay and lesbian clients on their coming out process, and I’ve often seen that the first (and sometimes hardest) step is coming out to yourself—accepting more deeply who you really are. Whether you’re just beginning your coming-out journey, or you’re a veteran who’s been out and proud for more years than you care to admit, deepening your acceptance of who you are is a lifelong process. I meet and accept my gay, lesbian, bi, transgender clients wherever they happen to be, and help them decide where they want to go next.


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