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Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment:
Learn how to understand yourself and others, handle conflict, and communicate better

Gaining insight about personality preferences makes you and your partner or work team happier, healthier, and more productive.


Whether you’re an individual, couple, or work team, you can gain understanding about personality preferences and how they influence everything you think, feel, and do in your relationships.

For individuals, increased understanding can improve relationships across your whole life and make you a more functional and successful colleague, friend, and partner.

For couples, it can mean the difference between a healthy relationship and a confusing, upsetting one. You may truly understand yourself and your partner for the first time!

For work teams, understanding personality preferences directly affects the bottom line: it increases collaboration, defuses conflict, and frees colleagues to work together efficiently.

I am a certified practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator® (MBTI), a well-researched tool that has helped thousands of individuals, couples, and work teams gain understanding about themselves and one another.


The MBTI tool helps you assess how you prefer to take in information, make decisions, focus your energy, and deal with the outer world. Using MBTI, you can gain insight about how these preferences determine the way you handle conflict, solve problems, interact with partner or colleagues, and function well in the different areas of your life.

What are your blind spots? What happens to your personality on a bad day? How do you get in your own way, and how do you misunderstand others because they’re different from you? These are questions the MBTI helps you answer.

You probably know about the terms “introvert” and “extravert.” They’re in common use in U.S. culture, and they come from MBTI. You may discover that they may not mean what you think, and a deeper understanding of them can improve your relationship, productivity, and sense of self-understanding.

MBTI is useful in many ways. It helps people discern their career, learn how to handle conflict, build emotional intelligence, handle stress, manage change, and more.


Individuals and Couples

We’ll tailor the MBTI to meet your needs. Typically, you’ll take the assessment online, then come in for a 2-hour session, depending on your circumstances. The cost for individuals is $145 for the interpretation session plus $50 for materials ($195); the cost for couples is $175 for the interpretation session plus $100 for the materials ($275). Each person receives an MBTI Introduction to Type booklet along with a personalized report of their online assessment.


Work Teams

I’ll work with you to design a session that’s tailored to your specific needs. We can cover different issues depending on your team’s needs, including:

  • Conflict: how to effectively handle it, and get out of it

  • Improving communication within your team, or between your team and the larger organization

  • Managing change or transitions

  • “You and your team on a bad day”: understanding the “shadow” side of personalities, and how to break free and function better in your work environment

  • Other possible topics include: leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and decision-making skills

Each person receives an MBTI Introduction to Type booklet along with a personalized report of their online assessment. The cost for these materials is $50/participant, and the fees for the session itself are as follows:

  • Teams of 0-25 participants: $1000 for a 6-hour session
  • Teams of 25-50 participants: $1500 for a 6-hour session
  • Teams of 50+ participants: $2000 for a 6-hour session

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